One of the biggest hits of the “The Force Awakens” so far has been BB-8…formerly known as the “Soccer Ball Droid.” There’s just something about this tiny white-and-orange robot that gives people the same reaction normally reserved for kittens and babies.

Inevitably, someone was going to cosplay as BB-8. We just didn’t know it would be this soon or this good.

Redditor One_Horny_Narwhal — sigh — posted this photo of themselves from a recent Wizard World Comic-Con in full BB-8 regalia. Apparently they created the costume making plaster casts around different sized balloons. Once the plaster hardened, the balloons were popped and pourable insulation foam was added to the inside of the casts for support. BB-8’s symbols were cut from vinyl and the eye piece is just an acrylic dome with window tint.

These simple materials add up to one amazing cosplay!


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