Earlier today, Star Wars announced their marketing partner for the upcoming “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” The list included the likes of Duracell batteries, FCA US automakers, General Mills, HP, Subway, Verizon, Max Factor, and Cover Girl.

Wait? Make-up? Star Wars-themed make-up? SIGN ME UP!

Max Factor has yet to produce imagery of their Star Wars products, but Covergirl was on point. Over on Instagram, they showed off the two looks: a Threepio inspired Light Side look and a very mod Imperial Dark Side look.


CoverGirl also gave an exclusive reveal to Allure Magazine to show off the limited-edition collection. An array of lipstick and nail polish shades will be available.


But the most intriguing reveal was on the tubes of mascara, of all places. Each one will come with one of 10 Star Wars quotes — and based on the packaging, you won’t know which one until you’ve opened it. But while seven of the quotes are from previous Star Wars films and one of them is from “The Force Awakens” trailer, two show brand-new lines of dialogue.


Who is immune to the light? Kylo Ren? General Hux? LUKE SKYWALKER?

Who is finishing what another character started? Finn? Rey? LEIA ORGANA?

This is our life now. Just a stream “The Force Awakens” spoilers littered throughout the merchandising and marketing with little to no context. I love it.

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