In the wake of “Captain America: The Winter Solider,” HitFix speculated on future Marvel movies based on the information in the film. Some of those educated guesses have come to pass, some are still up in the air, and none of them have been proven (completely) false.

Buoyed by this, I’m taking the plunge again with “Avengers: Age of Ultron” because by golly this movie was PACKED with future story threads just waiting to be followed down the rabbit hole of comic book lore.


#1: Introducing Dr. Helen Cho could mean the Greek gods are on their way to the MCU.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Back when I first speculated on who Claudia Kim was playing, Dr. Helen Cho didn’t even register as an option. And why would she? In the comics, Helen is merely the fridged mother of Amadeus Cho, the 7th smartest man in the world. Known as Mastermind Excello, Amadeus was a friend to Hulk and hid from registration during the event of “Civil War.” The most interesting thing about Helen’s son though is his long friendship and travels with Hercules (yes, THAT one). Retconning Amadeus’s genius intellect into his mother could mean she will also take up his other mantles as a champion for Bruce Banner and a opponent of Superhuman Registration. It could also mean the Norse gods will soon have some company.

#2: Andy Serkis is Ulysses Klaue aka Ulysses “Klaw.”

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

There was a good reason Marvel tried to keep Andy Serkis’ “Age of Ultron” role under wraps. His reveal as Ulysses Klaue sets in motion the events of “Black Panther.” In the comics, Klaw is an arms dealer and assassin with a grudge against T’Challa’s father that culminates in the King of Wakanda’s death. I highly doubt Ulysses would just be chilling on an abandoned freighter if he’d already completed this mission in the MCU. Having Ultron sever Klaue’s arm in a fit of pique removes the “experimented on by the Belgium government” plot with an expedited “I welded an awesome sonic gun onto my flesh” reveal to be made, probably during “Black Panther.”

#3: The photographs of the brunette in Ulysses’ office are a mystery.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Ulysses Klaw does not have family. There was his father, a former WWII Nazi war criminal, and his great-grandfather who was killed in Wakanda, both of whom are deceased. So who is that girl in the photographs? The camera lingered too many times and for too long for her to not matter. Perhaps SHE is the reason the MCU version of Klaw hates Wakanda so much?

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