The slow burn marketing strategy for “Star Wars The Force Awakens” has been kind of ingenious. The photos and videos and plot details have been dropped with such precision that you barely notice a majority of them are from a small sliver of the actual runtime. All those photos of Finn and Rey, the chase scene with the Millennium Falcon, the image of Kylo Ren standing in front of a burning village at night? All from Jakku.

Considering the trailer has also hinted at a lush planet and an ice planet, we’re probably not getting as much of the story as the sheer output of information would imply at first blush.

That being said, CHECK OUT THESE NEW PHOTOS OF FINN AND BB-8! Empire Magazine unveiled the new images that are inside the latest print edition, on newsstands now.

  • Bb8
    Photo Credit: Lucasfilm/Empire Magazine
  • Star-wars-2
    Photo Credit: Lucasfilm/Empire Magazine
  • Star-wars-1
    Photo Credit: Lucasfilm/Empire Magazine
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