Golden Globe Nominee Reactions: Anna Kendrick, Sandra Bullock and more

Posted Dec 15, 2009 1:05 PM

Jacques Audiard, "A Prophet (Un Prophete)"

Jacques Audiard, "A Prophet (Un Prophete)"

“This nomination is, first of all, very moving for me. It proves that a movie can travel, that we don’t just make a film for one's own country, for our “home.” For an American, that might seem obvious, less so for a Frenchman.  Also, if I make films, it is because I've seen films and read film reviews.  I belong to a generation of cinephiles for whom seeing films and reading about them went hand in hand.  Filmmakers opened your eyes and film critics helped you think.  I loved that.  Now today, my film is nominated for a Golden Globe and I am naturally very proud.”

- Jacques Audiard, co-writer, director Best Foreign Language Film nominee "A Prophet (Un Prophete)"

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Classics