Emmy Nomination Preview 2010 - Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy

Posted Jun 15, 2010 3:00 AM

Jane Krakowski of '30 Rock'

Jane Krakowski of '30 Rock'

Jane Krakowski, "30 Rock"

Nomination Status: Right on the edge. We say "Yes," but only barely. When in doubt, when it comes to Emmy voters, anticipate complacency.

In Her Favor: Last season, featuring Jackie Jormp-Jomp, was Jane Krakowski's best "30 Rock" to date. She was rewarded with her first Emmy nomination. This season wasn't bad, but it wasn't on the same level. Between her stalker, her "Secret Santa" Christmas solo insecurities and two appearances by Jan Hooks as her mother, Krakowski can probably cobble together a good submission episode or two, enough to keep her around.

Working Against Her: "30 Rock" could be headed for a big nomination drop-off after a mixed season and facing a vast influx of new comedies. If the show's coattails shrink, last year's first timers Krakowski and Tracy Morgan may fall off the ballot. 

Photo Credit: NBC