Emmy Nomination Preview 2010 - Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy

Posted Jun 16, 2010 3:00 AM

Thomas Jane of 'Hung'

Thomas Jane of 'Hung'

Thomas Jane, "Hung"

Nomination Status: Can he follow up the Golden Globe nomination and boost the "Hung" profile?

In His Favor: Thomas Jane got a big boost by snagging a Golden Globe nomination for his HBO giant penis dramedy. Lots of observers were shocked, but we weren't. Jane is exactly the sort of "slumming" movie star Globe voters love to recognize for their TV work. Emmy voters are a different story. However, those viewers may be suitably impressed by Jane's wry, dour performance in a comedy that's really enough of a drama to allow him some emotional heavy lifting. He and Jane Adams make for a great team and if voters recognize the one, they may also salute the other, just by extension.

Working Against Him: All of the actors ahead of him on this particular list have previous Emmy nominations and more visible shows. They all also have shows that are more conventionally "comedies" and give more conventionally "comic" performances. It's hard to compare what Jane does with what Charlie Sheen does, on any level.

Photo Credit: HBO