7 Scary New Album Covers: Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Robert Plant

Posted Oct 30, 2010 11:55 PM

Kanye West, "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"

Kanye West, "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"

It's Halloween and, while your Justin Bieber costume may not be all that scary, there are a few album covers that are.

Keep in mind, anybody's brother's roommate's friend's funk band is capable of Photoshop atrocities for their own platters, but album covers of these sort have the added sheen of a label's approval.

In the following pages, we shake down seven interesting, frightening and downright butt-ugly album covers from 2010.

What albums would you add?

To start, Kanye West recently unveiled a pair of album covers -- out of five (!) -- for his forthcoming set, "My Dark Twisted Fantasy." While George Condo's blushing ballerina might not offend anyone's senses, his armless-Phoenix-and-Kanye-naked-and-sexing cover kind of does.

Don't get me wrong -- I actually kind of love its grotesqueness and absurdity. But distrubing? Yes. I wouldn't recommend either figure for a costume, either.

Photo Credit: IDJ/GOOD