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Posted Feb 20, 2010 4:00 AM

Neko Case stars as drug-addle pop tart in 'Cheyanne Cinnamon'

Neko Case stars as drug-addle pop tart in 'Cheyanne Cinnamon'

See Neko Case as you've never seen her before: In cartoon form. Singing sugar-pop. Snorting coke.

The singer-songwriter is starring as "Cheyanne Cinnamon" in the new Adult Swim series, with the pilot episode now streaming online. Case channels her vapid, drinking, smoking, coffee-and-Blackberry-toting, sex-selling inner-Britney for the title role, a pop star that lives in Sugar Town (right outside Detroit). She's like a magical sprite who unsuccessfully tries to solve young teens' problems, including this Jugalette-looking gal's pregnancy woes.

T-Pain makes an animated cameo, as does Adult Swim favorite DOOM.

Eight new Adult Swim pilots are up for fan voting, and the network will keep whichever garners the most votes. Considering the cussing, drug and sex references, cartoon nudity and straight-up brazen script of the thing, it won't suit everyone, but Adult Swim and "Family Guy" lovers, it's hilarious.

Photo Credit: Adult Swim