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Posted May 15, 2010 2:58 AM

 All eyes on Michael Jackson's kids after YouTube videos leak

All eyes on Michael Jackson's kids after YouTube videos leak

Joe Jackson swears he has nothing to do with this one -- which wouldn't surprise us if he did -- but some webcam videos of Michael Jackson's kids have leaked on YouTube.

It's not so much that Blanket and Paris do anything wild or weird on camera: they're just futzin' around, saying nonsense, lip-syncing to a rap song, the ilk. But its extraordinary that these previously private characters, whom MJ mostly kept from public view, can now be seen in their natural surroundings, as it were, behaving like typical eight- and 12-year-olds do.

The Jackson family says that the children did not post the videos themselves, and PopEater is reporting that zealous hackers got into the personal files and were responsible for the leak. The estate is trying to have the clips removed.

Paris and older brother Prince Michael spoke at the Grammy Awards earlier this year and made an appearance at father Michael's memorial last summer, after the Prince of Pop was pronounced dead on June 25. The children were always sheltered, secluded and wore clothes or cloths that covered their faces in public, under their fathers' care, as a precaution for privacy. The family now wishes to continue MJ's wishes.

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