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XCOM: Enemy Unknown

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    XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    Dec 31, 2012

    Nearly two decades ago, a wave of alien invasions shook the entire planet, leading many to a state of panic ? but also leading a select, noble few to stand up for Earth's defense. Those few became the members of X-COM. Armed with pure strategy and tactical prowess, gamers worldwide conquered alien forces in what would grow to be hailed as one of the greatest games ever made. Today, the world is calling on a new generation to take the helm of the legendary paramilitary organization as a new threat emerges. Today, Earth asks you to take command of an all-new XCOM. XCOM: Enemy Unknown elevates strategic gameplay to dizzying new heights in a thrilling re-imagination of the original series. A new extraterrestrial attack embroils the world in a technologically advanced war for survival. With never-before-seen enemy weapons to decode and cunning tactics to intercept, XCOM depends on you to strengthen the planet's response using superior strategy and combat. Build up organization headquarters, recruit and customize soldiers, then deploy them to more than 70 action-packed missions by land and by air. Manage resources, develop the technologies that will overpower alien forces and guide the war that will redeem your planet. The world is waiting.