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Travel 1,000 years in the future to a bleak and bitter post-apocalyptic Earth. The planet that the human race once knew is gone. Here in the aftermath of a devastating solar system collision, the remaining members of the species struggle to survive as precious resources dwindle. A new culture has emerged, and humans now live in five colossal megacities. A colonized solar system brings with it beings that were once considered extraterrestrials. Now you must try to survive in this primitive, cutthroat world barely recognizable as current-day Earth. In Worldshift, live and battle as a cyber demon alien, a superpowered mutant or a human, doing what must be done just to survive. Collect thousands of items and powerful relics to build your own tactics. Random maps contain immersive landscapes that pull you into this dangerous, futuristic saga. Engage in fast and furious multiplayer battles that stress cooperative play. Missions are filled with peril but have big rewards; decide if the risk is worth the payoff.

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Released - Friday, November 20 , 2009