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NHL Playoffs: Los Angeles Kings at Chicago Blackhawks

NHL Playoffs: Los Angeles Kings at Chicago Blackhawks

The NHL playoffs, as with playoffs in so many other leagues, offers a ton of rest days.  However, the Kings and Blackhawks are going to go to game two in their series without a day off.  The two played yesterday at 5:00pm and now again today at 8:00pm.  Will the game one winner capitalize on their momentum?  Will the loser have time to regroup?  The series moves to Los Angeles on Tuesday night, and both squads are going to want head into the Monday rest day with a win.


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Venue Information

  • United Center
  • 1901 W. Madison St.
  • Chicago IL 60612

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Released - Sunday, June 2 , 2013 at 7:00 PM Local Time
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