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Tropico 5

Get ready to test your mettle as a leader when you step into the shoes of El Presidente in "Tropico 5," the newest installment in the popular Tropico simulation series. Rise to power in the heyday of colonialism and guide your country through the triumphs and perils of history as you navigate World Wars, the Cold War and the advances of the 21st century. Oversee your micro empire by appointing your loyal family members as rulers, managers, ambassadors or generals and unlock new traits to maximize their effectiveness. Lead your nation into the future as you uncover new buildings, technologies and resources, and improve existing structures for maximum efficiency. Earn vast riches as you construct and command a global fleet and chart routes that allow you to establish trade with nearby islands and global superpowers. Forge a path through conflict to discover priceless resources and the mysteries of ancient civilizations. Conduct research to give your nation a technological edge. Experience stunning visuals thanks to more than 100 new buildings from each era of history and re-designed artwork that gives each time period a distinctive look. Co-operate with other cities on Tropico or crush them in combat during exciting multi-player action. Extend your conquest with the Bayo del Olfato DLC, which includes a new map and a new costume, as well as a postcard from Tropico and an official Tropico passport. They say power corrupts — will you use it to lift up your country or crush it with an iron fist?


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Released - Tuesday, November 11 , 2014
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