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Tony Hawk: RIDE

Position yourself on your skateboard and get ready to execute amazing tricks like you've never performed before. The wind whips in your face as you barrel across the ground, exerting precise control to guide your board swiftly and surely. With just the right movement, you launch yourself into the air in defiance of gravity. In that breathless moment, you break free from the earth and all its rules — and soar into the limitless possibilities suddenly within your reach.

Step into a new world of skateboard gaming with Tony Hawk: RIDE. The included motion-sensing skateboard controller gives you revolutionary physical control of the action by translating your movements on the board into incredible tricks within the game. Live out the excitement of skateboarding as you rotate, tilt and lift the board to execute amazing in-game moves. The board's four smart motion sensors respond to your movements with precision, and the contoured base provides the stability you need for ultimate control. Demonstrate your skills in four thrilling game modes that will take you all over the world, and gather your friends for intense multiplayer action.


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Released - Tuesday, November 17 , 2009