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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

In the near future, the political climate is as volatile as the battlefield — one wrong move could mean the end. A new breed of soldier has risen from the ashes of the scorched society. A soldier who is trained to be better than the best, a soldier that is outfitted with an arsenal of the most high-tech gear ever assembled — a soldier that can disappear. As Kozak, a soldier in an elite U.S. unit, you're the nation's best and only means of retaliating when a nationalist coup unseats Russia's legitimate president. In these fast-paced, high-stakes missions, the future is now. 

“Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier” places you in the elite squadron of Ghost Recon. Entrusted with missions that no other soldier can handle, your special training in combat, survival and discretion allows you to ensure your mission's success while remaining invisible. Prepare to enter some of the world's most explosive warzones and spectacular locales, from Africa to the Arctic Circle, and protect the world from an ever-present threat. Fight the battle without stepping foot on the battlefield as you control all-new, heavily armed, unmanned ground and air combat drones. Unleash the devastating firepower of your personal mortar to take out multiple guided rockets simultaneously. Arm yourself to the teeth with an arsenal of more than 50 high-tech weapons, fulfill your mission objectives — and disappear.


  • A-soldier-disappears-in-tom-clancys-ghost-recon-future-soldier._article_story_main
  • A-soldier-disappears-in-tom-clancys-ghost-recon-future-soldier._article_story_main

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Released - Tuesday, May 22 , 2012
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