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The Sims 3: 70s,80s, & 90s Stuff

Far out...the Sims are getting a makeover, and it's taking them all the way back to the groovy days of yesteryear. Do you hanker for the good old days when you could just throw on your dad's rumpled flannel shirt? Do you miss your sky-high hair, pumped up shoulder pads and legwarmers? Don't go postal, go back in time and relive your favorite fads of decades past with "The Sims 3:70s, 80s & 90s Stuff." Whether you rock the grunge look, boogie down in bell-bottoms or get physical in a hot pink leotard, you're sure to stay on the hip side of fashion as the Sims world goes on a total time warp.  Boogie on back to the psychedelic 70s, where your Sims can catch disco fever while flaunting righteous bell-bottoms, foxy catsuits and platform shoes. Are the awesome 80s more your style? Get ready to work your bod Richard Simmons style in a totally rad leotard complete with legwarmers. Then, when you've worked up a sweat, suit up in a structured power suit, tease your hair and get ready to climb the career ladder as a working girl. If you're not down with that, let your hair loose, chill out in a pair of tattered jeans and tell the establishment to eat your shorts as a 90s kid. No matter which decade you're digging, make your Sims' crib look the part with the hottest décor trends of the era, from disco balls to pinup art to distressed furniture that's off the heasy.


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Released - Tuesday, January 22 , 2013
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