NCAA Football

Sun Bowl: Virginia Tech Hokies vs. UCLA Bruins

Brett Hundley of the UCLA Bruins.

Virginia Tech finished second in the Coastal division of the ACC, but because they didn't play the best teams from the other division, their schedule was not too difficult. Their biggest asset is a tough defense, and they will need it against the Bruins. UCLA, coming from the Pac-12, is a much more offensive oriented team, and will attack the defense early and try to jump out ahead quickly. The Hokies only have a chance of winning if their defense holds, and makes it a low-scoring, close game.


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Venue Information

  • Sun Bowl Stadium
  • 2501 Sun Bowl Drive
  • El Paso TX 79902

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Released - Tuesday, December 31 , 2013 at 2:00 PM Local Time
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TV Network - CBS