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Star Trek The Video Game

From deadly enemy battleships to murky subterranean waterways, there's not much that the crew onboard the Enterprise hasn't experienced. But Captain Kirk without Mr. Spock? That's just plain illogical. It's the pairing that fueled unforgettable sci-fi adventures throughout the timeless TV series and multiple film interpretations, and bred a cult following with its very own language. Now, for the first time ever in a "Star Trek" game, you will reunite and redefine the Kirk-and-Spock duo, adding an all-new chapter to the "Star Trek" canon. Immediately following the events of J.J. Abrams' 2009 film, the universe remains rife with evil to quash and missions to complete. The adventure is just beginning for you as the "Star Trek" journey continues. Beam up into space and take on one half of the greatest galactic pairing of all time in a franchise-authentic, yet completely original storyline produced in collaboration with the writers of the 2009 film. Are you a logical thinker like Spock, or are you a natural leader like Captain Kirk? 


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Released - Tuesday, April 23 , 2013
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