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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

You take in a deep breath and slowly exhale. The only sound that registers in your brain is that of your heartbeat, seemingly in slow motion. Some corner of your mind is calculating wind speed, how far away your target is, drop ratios, bullet trajectory and all of the tiny elements that could ruin your shot, but in this moment you're operating on pure instinct and adrenaline. In the tiny space between heartbeats, you squeeze the trigger and see your target drop. The sound of the shot and the smell of gunpowder make time suddenly speed up, and you move on to the next target. Silent, stealthy and swift, you are the Ghost Warrior and you have accomplished your mission. Slip on the ghillie suit of a lethal Special Ops assassin in "Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2". Hone your skills in urban, jungle, and mountain environments that incorporate real-life factors of wind speed, distance, limited visibility and more into your experience. Not to worry, you have a spotter on hand to set up each shot and the luxury of night- and thermo-vision goggles so that no matter what the conditions, you'll be able to eliminate your target. Stunning visuals brought to life by the CryEngine3 technology immerse you in the mission, while the Bullet Cam mode ensures that you get to revel in your best shots. Sniping is an art and in "Ghost Warrior 2" you get to be Michelangelo.


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Released - Tuesday, March 12 , 2013
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