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Shin Megami Tensei IV

Honor. Duty. Justice. Bravery. Integrity. Courage. As a Samurai warrior, these are your credos. These are the ideals that run through your veins and fill your lungs. As you live and die, you will uphold these virtues — even when you are facing a demon hoard that threatens everything you are fighting to protect. It's 1492 Japan, and you have been bestowed the secret task to protect the eastern kingdom of Mikado from a demon menace with the aid of a special tool called a Gauntlet. But this mission is not as simple as good versus evil, justice versus corruption or human versus demon. You must discover and understand a maze of factions within the human group to form alliances, set paths and shape the destiny of the world. With the fate of Mikado hanging in the balance and your life a tangle of battles, those virtues may be the only things keeping you going. In "Shin Megami Tensei IV," it's strategize or succumb, protect or perish, fight or die. Do you have what it takes to place honor above all else?


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Released - Tuesday, July 16 , 2013
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