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Rogue Warrior

When it comes to thwarting a massive Communist conspiracy, sometimes it doesn't pay to play by the rules. Richard "Demo Dick" Marcinko is on a mission to disrupt a suspected North Korean ballistic missile program. Soon, however, he uncovers a terrifying secret: a vast conspiracy that could turn the tide of the Cold War in the Communists' favor. Now he must infiltrate the USSR, taking the mission into his own hands in order to destroy a potentially game-changing technology — not to mention anything else that gets in his way. Rogue Warrior immerses you in the real-life story of "Demo Dick" Marcinko: defiant, ruthless, crude and legendary. Live out the actions that have earned Marcinko both glory and infamy in the history books as you break the rules of conventional warfare to see your mission through to the end. Eliminate targets that could potentially serve as advantages to the enemy, and do whatever it takes to take out the enemy, performing more than 25 uniquely brutal kill moves. Scatter the secret world behind the Iron Curtain with a trail of destruction as you do anything and everything to guarantee mission success.


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Released - Tuesday, December 1 , 2009