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Rocksmith: Learn to Play Guitar and Bass

You're the type of person who's always had the music in you. Music affects your mood, reminds you of significant moments in your life and soothes your soul. Not only do you love to listen, you can easily imagine yourself up on a stage, under the lights, rocking out on your guitar or bass, crowds roaring and chords soaring. Whether you've just never had the opportunity to learn or you wish your skill level was higher, "Rocksmith" can bring you closer to that dream.  An extensive library of beloved songs from multiple genres brings you even closer to that dream when you get the opportunity to learn, play and memorize your favorites through challenges, tutorials and mini games. "Rocksmith" moves at your pace with dozens of difficulty levels that automatically adjust to your skill level, allowing gradual progressions in both guitar and bass that you can see and brag about. You've always had the music in you. Let "Rocksmith" teach you how to share it with the world.


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Released - Tuesday, October 16 , 2012
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