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Remember Me

What would you sacrifice to stay on the cutting edge of technology? A month's pay? A lifetime's savings? Your digital privacy? What about your very identity? Welcome to Neo-Paris. The year is 2084. Big business has yielded to a new global force, big surveillance. Hungry for a new market, the world's innovators have pioneered a yet-untapped resource, our memories. Our darkest secrets, most intimate moments, the very fibers of our core are now cold commodities. They're digitized, bought, sold and traded at the whim of society's overarching authorities. But like any other product, they can also be stolen. Henceforth arose the memory hunters. These master mind hackers raid, snatch and even alter the memories of unsuspecting souls, rippling the tides of fate in unforeseen ways. But what happens when the mind of the most-wanted memory hunter is wiped? Could she steal back the pieces of her shattered past, or will she forever forget? Your name is Nilin, though you've forgotten that by now. Once a great thief of memories, you've been robbed of those of your own at the hands of the omnipotent authorities who govern the mental realm. You've managed to escape from your jail cell, but now live in the prison of your clouded mind. Now, with only one last friend on whom to rely, you're faced with a choice, re-learn your past skills and steal back the fragments of your identity, or fall prey to the creators of a dangerous surveillance state. An original, all-too-believable vision of the future, "Remember Me" immerses you in a Paris transformed by memory digitization and authoritarian rule. As Nilin, you'll master the power to break into people's minds and recover clues to your own past. You become the hunted as powerful foes stalk you throughout the Neo-Paris streets, but rediscover your martial arts training, and you'll become a potent force to be reckoned with. Groundbreaking new game play mechanics including the Memory Remix and Combo Lab give you the unprecedented abilities to impact the future in real time and construct combo attacks from scratch. The ultimate coup awaits your lead, if you can only Remember.


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Released - Tuesday, June 4 , 2013