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Record of Agarest War 2

Eva  helping Weiss resurrect a god in 'Record of Agarest War 2.'

 One day, the world was engulfed in a single flash of brilliant light. It was more destructive than sublime, and looked like the type of lightning that makes one think of the rage of the gods. With it came a scouring of the world not seen since the original war of the gods. In addition, the people who lived on the continent from which the light originated were never heard from again.

That fateful day became known as the "Day of Light" and it marked when the world began to change. It also signified the start of the demon plague that spread throughout all of Agarest.
At the center of all of these events is Weiss, a young man who was given the responsibility of being the Spirit Vessel after committing the sin of killing a god. His memory was all but destroyed, with only the knowledge of his name remaining. It was only when meeting the mysterious Eva does he learn of his crime of deicide and of the penance that had been given to him, which is to retrieve the fractured power of the god and store it within himself in order to resurrect the god he had slew.
Those who betray the trust of the gods will be condemned to pay for their sin forever in the void between where everlasting life and eternal damnation meet.


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Released - Tuesday, June 26 , 2012
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