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Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

When you sit down to watch a Saturday football match, you expect to see and experience a few things every single time. First, you watch the game so you can revel in the wonder of finely honed professional athletes taking control over the ball in ways that seem impossible but appear easy. Second, you're looking for some physicality in the game — this is, after all, an intense competition, and when players give it their all, it's inevitable that there will be collisions, slides, jumps and more. Lastly, your butt is in that seat for every single match because soccer has heart. They're your home team, they're your favorite and few sports on Earth have fans that are so dedicated, emotional and invested. So, it only makes sense that when you sit down to play "Pro Evolution Soccer 2014," it captures these inarguable truths about the sport and delivers them to your gameplay experience. With the power of Fox Engine, four years of research and a dedicated team, the PES Productions team has produced a game that does just that.  


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Released - Tuesday, September 24 , 2013
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