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Power Rangers Super Samurai

You put on your battle suit, and suddenly you're a Super Samurai with enough power to save humanity from the most despicable villains. Prepare for the fight ? it's morphin' time. Challenge the world's most dreaded monsters in epic battles where only one of you can survive. Utilize your super-human speed and advanced weaponry to obliterate your enemy, but be careful not to expose your identity ? or you could lose your power. This is your chance to protect the world from evil ? do you have what it takes to become a Power Ranger? Use the power of Kinect to fight the forces of evil when you morph into your favorite Power Rangers Super Samurai, and take down treacherous monsters in your Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink or Gold battle suit. Destroy your enemies by setting up your toughest warrior stance and earning powerups like Spin Sword and Special Weapon. Conquer all the Moogers and Nighlok in your path by controlling fire, water, sky, forest and earth with the Samurai Symbols of Power. Build a giant Megazord and obliterate Mega Monsters in Mega mode or battle it out in Super Samurai or Super Mega mode. Train to be a fighting machine with an intense Power Rangers workout session. Are you ready to become a Super Samurai?


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Released - Tuesday, November 20 , 2012