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Pokémon Black Version 2

It's time to return to the alluring land of Unova, two years since you last explored the possibilities that awaited there. Much has changed in Unova but your mission remains the same, defeat as many gym leaders and collect as many badges as possible. In "Black Version 2" an incredibly powerful and mysterious new "Pokémon" awaits you, so pull up your sleeves, flip through your Pokédex and get ready to train even more exciting Pokémon than ever. Explore the new people, places and "Pokémon" of Unova as you work to unravel the sinister mystery of the Black Kyurem. You'll even encounter characters from "Pokémon Black Version" that have grown and taken on new roles in the first ever "Pokémon" game to continue and expand on an existing game. Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate trainer and take your Pokémon to victory?


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Released - Sunday, October 7 , 2012
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