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One Piece Unlimited World Red

Get ready to join the Straw Hat Crew on a wayfaring journey full of excitement in "One Piece Unlimited World Red." With an all-new storyline that offers seemingly unlimited playability with a world to explore, tons of quests and an array of rewards and items to acquire, you'll quickly find yourself lost in the world of the Unlimited series. Creator Eiichiro Oda returns with newly designed characters, such as the sassy raccoon Pato and a villainous pirate called Red Count. Take on famous bosses, including Rob Lucci, Caesar Clown and more, and utilize flashy combos that test your reflexes and the ability to press the right button at the right moment to counter, dodge or otherwise interact with enemies. Get your friends to join in on the fun in local multiplayer that lets you catch bugs, fish, battle and cook together. The all-new Coliseum mode truly tests your mettle in a series of battles that you must win in order to reach the top of the rankings. Luffy and his crew are ready to embark on some crazy adventures — grab your controller and join them.


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Released - Tuesday, July 8 , 2014
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