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Oklahoma City Thunder at Los Angeles Clippers

Oklahoma City Thunder at Los Angeles Clippers

Oklahoma City has been impressive so far this season, and seem to be getting better. With Westbrook back after his season ending surgery last season, and having missed the off-season as well it kind of makes sense. They are a better team with him on the floor, and as he gets back into shape and the team gets back into rhythm with him, they will only improve. Now they face the Clippers who have been both great, and mediocre in their games, which also makes sense, considering the new coach. When it works, they are tough to beat, but there are going to be rough nights until Rivers' system becomes second nature to them. 


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Venue Information

  • STAPLES Center
  • 1111 S. Figueroa St
  • Los Angeles CA 90015

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Released - Wednesday, November 13 , 2013 at 10:30 PM Local Time
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TV Network - ESPN