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NHL Playoffs: Vancouver Canucks at San Jose Sharks

Antti Niemi of the San Jose Sharks.

The Canucks did everything they needed to do to keep the Sharks from winning both road games to start the series. Everything that is except close out the game. The Canucks scored 2 goals in the third period, but missed an open net goal, before allowing San Jose to score in the final minute to force OT. The Sharks then finished the Game in overtime, taking a 2-0 lead back home to San Jose for the next game. Vancouver really needs a win in this game, or they will face an first round exit for the second straight season. 


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Venue Information

  • HP Pavilion
  • 525 West Santa Clara St.
  • San Jose CA 95113

More Details

Released - Sunday, May 5 , 2013 at 10:00 PM Local Time
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TV Network - NBCSN