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NHL Playoffs: Toronto Maple Leafs at Boston Bruins

NHL Playoffs: Toronto Maple Leafs at Boston Bruins

The Maple Leafs started Game 4 in a good way, scoring two goals in the first period. Boston took over in the second scoring three of their own, with Toronto picking up their third late in the period. Neither team could close it out in the third period, so we were treated to overtime, where Krejci scored the winning goal, for a hat trick, and a Bruins 3-1 lead in the series. Now Boston has a chance to close it out at home, but the Maple Leafs have been pesky, and will do everything they can to extend the series.


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Venue Information

  • TD Garden
  • 100 Legends Way
  • Boston MA 02114

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Released - Friday, May 10 , 2013 at 7:00 PM Local Time
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