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New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox

New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox

The Yankees and Red Sox is always a heated rivalry, and often makes for a great series. This one should be no different, even though the Yankees seem to be slipping further from the playoff picture, while the Red Sox are increasing their lead in the AL East. Winning all three in this series would be a huge step in the right direction for New York, but it doesn't seem likely, so they will have try their best for a series win instead. Luckily for New York, Hiroki Kuroda is up in the rotation, and as long as he can get a little run support, the Yankees should be in a good position in this one.

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Venue Information

  • Fenway Park
  • 4 Yawkey Way
  • Boston MA 02215

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Released - Saturday, August 17 , 2013 at 4:05 PM Local Time
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TV Network - FOX