NCAA Bball

NCAA Tournament - (12) Middle Tennessee vs. (12) Saint Mary's

Marcos Knight of the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders.

Saint Mary's earned at large bid from the West Coast conference, and have only lost 6 games all season, 3 of which came at the hands of Gonzaga. The rest of their schedule is a bit soft though, so this game will shed some light on how good they actually are. Middle Tennessee breezed through the Sun-Belt conference, but lost in their tournament. Their season was strong enough to get the at-large invite anyway, and they have a great shot at moving on to face Memphis.


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Venue Information

  • University of Dayton Arena
  • 1801 Edwin Moses Blvd
  • Dayton OH 45401

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Released - Tuesday, March 19 , 2013 at 9:10 PM Local Time
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