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NCAA Football 14

In "NCAA Football 14," authenticity is the name of the game. The new Force Impact System lets you feel every hit, collision and tackle with thrilling accuracy, plus more than 30 new option pitches and improved stiff-arm attempts that account for player's size and strength deliver realistic on-field gameplay. Change direction instinctively while rushing, stop on a dime, recover from stumbles to grab an extra yard, hurdle over defenders and more with an enhanced running game that includes an acceleration burst running mechanic to get you to the edge. Experience the drama of college football and get into the story of every game with the dynamic presentation, or focus purely on the on-field action without off-field responsibilities in season mode. Create an unstoppable force that will take you to the top with the Ultimate Team mode and utilize Coach Skills to build your program into a powerhouse that fits your play style and strengths. So lace up your cleats, don your helmet and wear your college colors with pride. It's time to dominate the field.


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Released - Tuesday, July 9 , 2013
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