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Boom-shaka-laka — the beloved basketball arcade classic is back. Lace up the high tops and step onto the court for more of the exciting, over-the-top, two-on-two basketball action that made this game a hit. Defy the laws of gravity and physics as you fly through the air to slam, jam and rattle the rim with backboard-shattering dunks. Feel yourself heating up while sinking shots from beyond the arc, and see if you can get on fire to become unstoppable on the court. With all-new graphics, physics, game modes and features, NBA Jam will keep you playing without the need for quarters.

The excitement and button-pressing intensity of classic arcade basketball action comes to the Nintendo Wii in NBA Jam. EA Sports is reinventing the high-flying hoops game for the 21st century. Play NBA Jam like never before with the brand-new Remix Tour that features thrilling game modes, including 21, Elimination, Domination and Backboard Smash, awesome powerups, one-on-one Boss Battles against NBA legends and more. Earn and unlock more than 100 cheat codes, secret characters and legendary NBA stars. Use the Wii Remote or Classic Controller to control your players onscreen in Solo, Versus and Co-op modes as you play fast-paced, high-flying basketball action. Get ready to spin to the basket with furious ankle-breaking moves, soar into the air as you flip, spin and unleash rim-rocking and backboard-smashing dunks. Step behind the line and rain threes from downtown until you hear the announcer say "he's on fire."


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Released - Tuesday, October 5 , 2010