NBA Draft

NBA Draft 2013

Nerlens Noel may be the first pick in this year's NBA Draft

How quickly we all forget.  It was what, a week ago when some team we don't remember anymore won the NBA Championship.  Well, even if we do all remember, as of today it's in the past.  Today, is the NBA Draft and hope springs eternal because maybe, just maybe LeBron won't threepeat.  Maybe the Nets will show that they're for real or the Clippers will emerge as the best in the West.  The road to next year begins tonight and the Cavs pick first.


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Venue Information

  • Barclay Center
  • 620 Atlantic Ave
  • New York NY 11217

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Released - Thursday, June 27 , 2013 at 7:00 PM Local Time
Official Website
TV Network - ESPN