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NBA Baller Beats

Few things are quite as impressive as watching an athlete twirl, duck, weave and sprint across the court, all the while keeping what appears to be effortless control of the ball as he does. It's an enviable skill, and one that is guaranteed to up your game if mastered. "NBA Baller Beats" uses the beat of the music to inspire and condition your body to move with fierce control. Learn signature NBA moves and the skill you need for ball-handling that will blow your friends' minds and turn you into a true Baller. Pick up the included, official NBA game ball replica from Spalding, and let the beat of one of the 30 licensed hip-hop, rock or old-school tracks stimulate your muscles into picking up some major skills. Good for all skill levels; Rookie, Pro or Baller, this game helps you learn moves like crossovers, pump-fakes and flow-dribbles in real time, with a real ball for real benefit. Check out the extensive in-game tutorial where two-time NBA champion Kenny Smith shares his methods for greatness. Whether you're in single-player mode brushing up on the basics, Move School mode fine-tuning your dribbling moves, or multiplayer mode showing up your friends, you'll actually be elevating your ball-handling and having the fun of playing a video game while you're at it.


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Released - Tuesday, September 11 , 2012
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