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NBA All-Star Rising Stars Challenge

First pick in the 2014 Rising Stars Challenge, Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans.

NBA All-Star 2014 will play host to the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge, which will feature two teams drafted by TNT Analyst Grant Hill and NBA TV Analyst Chris Webber, who will serve as the opposing general managers.  

The starting lineups will be determined by the players garnering the top votes from fans for their respective positions, with two backcourt and three frontcourt spots for each team, and will be announced before tip-off.



  • First-pick-in-the-2014-rising-stars-challenge-anthony-davis-of-the-new-orleans-pelicans._article_story_main
  • Josh-hutcherson-competes-in-the-2013-all-star-celebrity-game._article_story_main
  • Lebron-james-of-the-miami-heat-garnered-the-most-all-star-votes-in-2014._article_story_main
  • Winner-of-the-2013-dunk-contest-terrence-ross-of-the-toronto-raptors._article_story_main
  • Lebron-james-is-one-of-this-years-nba-all-stars_article_story_main
  • Jeremy-evens-winner-of-last-years-dunk-contest._article_story_main

Venue Information

  • New Orleans Arena
  • 1501 Girod Street
  • New Orleans LA 70113

More Details

Released - Friday, February 14 , 2014 at 9:00 PM Local Time
Official Website
TV Network - TNT