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NBA 2K11

It's game seven, tie game and there are only eight seconds remaining on the clock. Your teammate inbounds the ball to you, and you start to dribble up the floor crossing midcourt. Quickly you cross over and head to the left as the center sets a hard pick — knocking your defender off his feet. Seven seconds to go. You pass to the wing and cut to the right. Seconds continue to tick away as the forward comes up to set a screen. Your defender recovers and rushes up to cover you just as you receive the ball at the top of the three-point arc. You pump fake — he doesn't budge. You decide to put the ball on the deck and dribble to the right — three seconds to go. You stop and cross over to your left, causing the defender to lose his balance. You rise into the air and release the ball. Two seconds — flashbulbs pop and the crowd holds its collective breath. One second — the ball approaches the hoop, will there be overtime or glory?

NBA 2K11 aims to deliver the most authentic basketball video game experience on the market. The latest installment in the best-selling, highest-rated NBA video game series builds on the momentum of NBA 2K10 by improving every aspect of the series — from the gameplay to the presentation to visuals and audio to online play and more. In addition to the authentic professional basketball experience, NBA 2K11 pays homage to 14-time NBA All-Star and six-time NBA World Champion, Michael Jordan. Not only will His Airness be gracing the cover of NBA 2K11, players will be able to step into the virtual shoes of the living legend and soar from the foul line to slam it home.


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Released - Tuesday, October 5 , 2010