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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

Enter the world of jutsus, ninjas and ramen, and protect the village of Konoha, which is under attack by the Masked Man and Nine-Tails. It's up to you to help Hiruzen and Minato defend the village. Join Naruto and other familiar faces as you relive recent events in the animated series, set during the Shippuden period of the Naruto legend. In this "Ultimate Ninja Storm," you'll come across foes and allies from the manga and anime worlds and take part in epic battles, so ready your best jutsu, gather your squad and prove you have the skills, and guts, to come out on top. Immerse yourself in Naruto's world with never-before-seen faithfulness to the anime series, and take part in an epic adventure that puts you right in the middle of the action in the Five Great Shinobi Nations. As you defend Konoha with Hiruzen and Minato, you'll have to stay sharp to survive the boss battle that takes up the entire village. And that's just the beginning. Be prepared to fight a number of jaw-dropping bosses that are truly larger than life. Hopefully your ninja training at the Academy has paid off, because you're going to need every skill, technique, and piece of advice that you ever learned to see this battle through to the other side.


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Released - Tuesday, March 5 , 2013
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