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MotorStorm Apocalypse

The sky is black and thick with ash and dust. You glance to your right; flames incinerate a massive bridge, sending smoke billowing into the air. To your left, a towering skyscraper splinters apart, launching shards of metal into the streets. A massive earthquake has ravaged the earth and life as you know it is shattering around you. You've somehow survived, and now a dangerous, abandoned city is an entrapping inferno — or your personal playground. You take the wheel of your powerful car and screech through the streets, dodging explosions, gunfire and rockets at every turn. This is exhilaration fit for the end of the world, and it's all yours — but be careful, just when you think you're invincible, an aftershock could send you into your very own Apocalypse.

Put your foot to the pedal and race like it's your last day on earth — when the racetrack is the Apocalypse, it truly is the ride of your life. MotorStorm Apocalypse puts you back in the driver's seat for the most intense street race ever, and puts excitement into your own hands like never before. An arsenal of 13 vehicle classes is yours to raid; choose from supercars, muscle cars, superbikes, choppers and more to navigate through Armageddon your way. The battle for survival is fierce when you take the race online or in four-player split-screen mode. Your enemies will fire machine guns and rockets your way, but if you can maneuver through the flames, tremors and destruction of the Apocalypse, you can survive anything — right?


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Released - Tuesday, September 7 , 2010