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Mortal Kombat

For centuries, competitors in the “Mortal Kombat” Tournament have laid waste to their enemies as they attempted to be declared the winner. In the end, it was Emperor Shao Kahn who ruthlessly defeated Raiden and his allies. Unwilling to sit idly by, Raiden is determined to somehow defeat the Emperor and undo his victory. Raiden must go to a place where the Emperor is most vulnerable, a place where it is never too late for second chances. Raiden must go to the past.

Whether you're a longtime fan or a new recruit, grab your PS Vita and engage in brutal battles wherever you go, with the gritty fighting franchise, “Mortal Kombat.” Unleash brutal fatalities, deadly X-rays and more with your PS Vita's touch-screen controls, and use the gyroscope features to dominate and crush your enemies. Hone your skills and engage in gruesome battles in the all-new Challenge Tower mode that features 150 new missions. This PS Vita version of the re-imagined franchise includes all of the DLC and 16 alternate skins to expand your fighting experience. Choose your fighter from an extensive lineup of legendary warriors, including Kratos, and immerse yourself in the battles with stunning environments and fluid gameplay at 60 frames per second. Connect with your friends via Ad Hoc or Wi-Fi and engage in brutal, gory battles to settle who is the greatest fighter among you. Rewrite history as you battle your way through the “Mortal Kombat” Tournament, and prove you have what it takes to avoid extinction.


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Released - Tuesday, May 1 , 2012
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