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Mississippi State Bulldogs at Alabama Crimson Tide Football

Mississippi State Bulldogs at Alabama Crimson Tide Football

Both teams come into this game undefeated and battling for the top spot in the western division of the SEC. Alabama is the top team in the country, and with good reason considering how easily they have been winning. Today's game could prove to be a bit harder for them though as this is the first ranked SEC team they have faced. Mississippi St. is on a mission to prove that they are the real deal, and a win against the mighty Tide would do just that. Between this game, and the Florida/Georgia game, we might get an idea who could come out on top in the SEC.


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Venue Information

  • Bryant Denny Stadium
  • Tuscaloosa AL 35487

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Released - Saturday, October 27 , 2012 at 8:30 PM Local Time
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TV Network - ESPN
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