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Metro Redux

"Metro Redux" includes "Metro 2033," the terrifying first chapter of Artyom's struggle for survival in the ruins of his city, as well as "Metro: Last Night," the heart-pounding continuation.

The nightmare begins in "Metro 2033" as Artyom, a survivor of an apocalyptic event 20 years in the past, is forced to leave the relative safety of Moscow's underground and emerge into a world populated by murderous mutants and full of toxicity and danger around every corner. As if the world outside wasn't horrific enough, "Metro: Last Light" brings the terror underground as Artyom struggles to save humanity as it perches on the edge of civil war and ultimate destruction. Struggle for survival armed only with homemade weapons and your trusty gasmask as you fight your way through two action-saturated campaigns with all-new melee animations, plus hours of thrilling DLC. Immerse yourself in the bleak world of post-apocalyptic Moscow with stunning imagery rendered in silky smooth 60 fps, as well as new lighting, physics, dynamic weather effects and full-body player animations. Take charge with improved AI, controls and weapon handling and easily check your watch and ammo supplies on the fly. Prepare yourself for slow-burning intensity in Survival mode, or duke it out in brutal combat in Spartan mode. Rise to the ultimate challenge as you wage deadlier battles with fewer resources and without the benefit of HUD or UI in Ranger mode. The odds are bad and the stakes are high — do you have what it takes to save what's left of the world?


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Released - Tuesday, August 26 , 2014
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