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Marvel Super Hero Squad

Dr. Doom and the Lethal Legion are busy cooking up sinister schemes, and it will fall to you and your heroic cohorts to stop them. Assemble a squad of powerful super heroes and prepare to engage in an all-out fight for the future of Super Hero City. Will your efforts be enough to thwart the villains' nefarious plots and protect the citizens of your imperiled city? The excitement of the action-packed animated series comes alive in the thrilling multiplayer adventure Marvel Super Hero Squad. Pick your side in the battle raging over Super Hero City, and do your best to fight your way to victory. Experience six thrilling campaigns in Adventure mode, in which you can join forces with a friend to take on a variety of enemies. Select any of more than 20 iconic Marvel characters and engage in head-to-head fighting in Battle mode as you see if you have what it takes to overpower the competition.

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Released - Tuesday, October 20 , 2009