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Madden NFL 13

In 1989, John Madden Football decleated its rivals, changing the face of football video games forever by being the first to offer authentic 11-on-11 action and player statistical ratings. With unheralded dedication to Xs and Os and hall-of-fame coach John Madden's insight and ingenuity, the Madden series began by laying a foundation of realism that emphasized the playbook as much as the playing field. Twenty-three years later, the longest-running sports franchise of all time presents the latest and most exciting edition to storm your living room. "Madden NFL 13" is geared up and ready to fly off your screen with astounding next-generation graphics, in-depth play calling, amazing player likenesses, authentic stadiums and more that will thrust you into the exciting world of professional football. Lead your favorite team to a Super Bowl championship as you manage your roster, customize your playbook and conquer a grueling schedule. Take the field as your favorite NFL superstars, and experience the rush of launching a game-winning pass or making a quarterback eat turf on fourth and goal. Relish the genuine sights and sounds of the NFL as you sprint for pay dirt in authentic stadiums. It's pain and passion; chemistry and catastrophe. It's watching your dreams go out on a stretcher and fighting for inches that feel like miles. It's the hard-hitting, nerve-rattling world of NFL football as only Madden can deliver. It's the game the players play.


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Released - Tuesday, August 28 , 2012
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