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Lucha Libre AAA Heroes of the Ring

You're exhausted. You've performed counterstrikes to every one of your opponent's strikes. You've grappled with him, bringing him to his knees. The last aerial attack landed square on his head. Now he's dazed and you know the crowd is yours. They're cheering you on, begging you to perform your most deadly move — and win the match.

Welcome to the world of Mexico's premiere wrestling federation, AAA, where luchadores compete in highly acrobatic combat, fighting on either the side of the Tecnico, the good guys, or Rudo, the bad guys. Create your own character by choosing from a massive collection of customizable clothes, accessories and body characteristics, or take on opponents as any of the real-life luchadores featured in the AAA League. You don't know wrestling until you've taken part in this sophisticated system of strikes and counterstrikes, grapples, extreme aerial assaults and character-specific specialty moves. In this adrenaline-pumped sports game, unleashing all the right moves won't be enough — you'll have to gain the support of the crowd in order to win the match. Wager your mask and hair in an online winner-take-all battle against humiliation with up to four players. But don't forget, in Heroes Del Ring, the crowd determines the winners and the losers — you better hope they like you.


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Released - Tuesday, October 12 , 2010