London 2012 Olympics: Swimming, Gymnastics, Diving

Michael Phelps of Team USA

The Olympics continue today on the various NBC networks.  CNBC will be showing Boxing in the early morning hours and will then pick up Boxing coverage again at 5:00pm. NBCSN is scheduled to show beach volleyball at 4:00am and will show Women's Volleyball and Equestrian the rest of the morning.  They will cover Boxing in the afternoon and will show Women's Basketball at 5:15pm. MSNBC picks up events at 9:00am with Women's Water Polo followed by Badminton.  They pick up a Men's Field Hockey game at 2:00pm.   NBC starts coverage at 10:00am with swimming and will show Beach Volleyball and Woman's Volleyball before going back to swimming at 1:30pm. 

NBC Primetime coverage begins at 8:00pm and will give a rundown of the day's events, showing highlights and making sure everyone gets to see the exciting finishes and heartbreaking losses.  Swimming, Gymnastics, and Diving are all part of the primetime schedule.   The entire NBC Olympic schedule is available online.


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