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Legend of Dungeon

Each floor of the dungeon has one stairway leading up, and one leading down. Travel to the 26th floor of the Dungeon, find the Treasure, return to the Tavern.
Most of the items you find in the dungeon can be used by pressing the Use/Attack button. Often you will have to figure out what an item does by testing it out. Some items, like potions, are randomized each play through.
Melee weapons can be charged by holding down the Attack button, and swing on button release.

All items have a variety of stat effects, affecting everything from jump height to strength. Sometimes these effects are large enough that they are reflected in the items name.

You can wear hats on your head (but just holding them is enough to cause the stat effects to activate)
The online highscore is ranked by the amount of gold you have collected.


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Released - Friday, September 13 , 2013
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